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With a broad range of experience across multiple industries around the globe, our award-winning team produces forward-thinking apps, products, websites and systems that people love to use.

Southland Associates LLC

Southland Associates Limited is an international business consulting firm based in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Southland Associates delivers high-level consulting in business, investment and advisory services, risk assessment, and business development. We also facilitate investors negotiation and strategic consultancy to help move your enterprise forward.

Since inception in June of 2001, Southland Associates has facilitated industry-disrupting business deals and trade partnerships at the highest level of government and the corporate world both on the African continent and globally.

The brains behind the company are some of the most accomplished professionals in their fields, and we leverage our industry connections to make your project come to fruition.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and powered WordPress backend.
Graphic Softwares: Photoshop and Coreldraw.

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