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Project details

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ARTWYNG is a reformative social movement aimed at bringing in change
through the voluntary association of people (youths, children and women)
engaged in concentrated/collaborative efforts to change in attitude, behavior and social relations, driven towards career development.

ARTWYNG as a tree bears branches/platforms through which her cores believe of change through voluntary and collective participation of youths, children and women, driven towards career development is being fulfilled.
These branches/platforms include:

  1. Progressive Social Change For Development(PSCD)
  2. Bosslady Organization
  3. Young Entertainers Forum
  4. Stake-Holder In Community Initiative For Child Education(CICE)
  5. Artwnyg Kiddies Sports Club(ARTKIDSPORT)
  6. Artwnyg Media(ARTMEDIA)

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and powered WordPress backend.
Graphic Softwares: Coreldraw.

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