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Security Solutions

We help companies and individuals with their organization's most critical security solutions.
Together, we create enduring change and results in securing our environment.


Our Security Solutions is set up to meet the demand for professional security knowledge and capabilities for the industrial, private and government sectors.

Our security solutions includes

Mobile Panic Application

We provide you Panic Button application to save lives. When the button is pressed, it sends an alert to a 24/7 manned control centre, which dispatches rescue team directly to you. It’s as simple as that!

Personal SOS Locator

Advanced personal locating device currently in use. The personal SOS Locator consists of a built-in GPS antenna and the latest active GSM cellular transmitter, combined together to create a high-performance, high-tech and efficient device.

Industrial Security

Webxpress brings to its industrial and manufacturing clients an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both conventional and extended security needs.

Stationary Panic Button

It consists of a short-range wireless transmitter, and a button. When the button is pressed it sends a signal to our 24/7 manned control centre which dispatches a rescue team to you. Easy to use.

Residential/Business Security

Emergencies can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere, even in our own homes, and the results can be emotionally and financially devastating. That's where Webxpress can help. We provide security systems that are monitored around the clock.

Safety Doors

The door that will prevent the robbers from getting into your house and getting away with your valuables when you're not around. Webxpress Security is an authorized dealer by the official importer into Africa.

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