How to choose fonts for your web design

There are a million things to think about when building the perfect web design: creating graphics, picking colors, choosing the right images… But there’s one thing people like to underestimate when creating their website and that’s choosing fonts. Don’t make the same mistake. Picking the right font can have a huge impact on the final look and feel of your …

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What is web design (and how do I get it right)?

A website’s a website, right? Wrong. An outdated, confusing or broken website will hurt your brand. We’re not saying it mighthurt your brand, we’re saying it will hurt it. So how can you set yourself up to succeed? You can create an awesome website by totally nailing your web design from the beginning. But what is web design, actually? Read on if you …

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Common WordPress mistakes you don’t realize you’re making (and how to fix them)

The WordPress CMS (that’s content management system) can be pretty good. In fact, it’s one of the most user-friendly platforms of its kind, with an intuitive dashboard that lets developers and non-developers alike customize and publish content with flexibility. But just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean it’s entirely foolproof. When working with WordPress, users should be aware of …

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8 dazzling color trends for 2019

Color is an irreplaceable form of communication—immediate and strong. It’s especially important in today’s fast-paced world, where first impressions matter so much. With just a glance, color can soothe or distract the eye. It can change thoughts and even actions. That’s why designers across the world have been pushing the boundaries, creating new and colorful ways of visualizing emotions for …

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9 creative font trends for 2019

Infusing beautiful typography into your design is the one of the most effective ways to communicate as a brand. That’s why keeping up with the latest font trends is absolutely essential. Creative fonts can not only carry your message, but they also make a visual impact and evoke emotion. Typography can express joy or fear, loud or quiet. Or it …

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The 10 most inspirational graphic design trends for 2019

Design helps us understand our world, and trends place us in time. The overarching design trend for 2019? Just like in every other part of life, we seem to be in opposition with ourselves: this year is all about contradictions. Design trends from conflicting eras and opposing ends of the visual spectrum are all vying for attention. Whether you’re a designer …

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5 Innovation Trends of 2018 that will Disrupt the Corporate Landscape in 2019

2018 has very much been a year of “epic partnerships”. The Avengers teamed up with the squad from Guardians of the Galaxy to face down Thanos. Prince Harry finally tied the knot with Meghan Markle. Even North and South Korea walked under a united banner at the Winter Olympics.Things have been no less epic on the corporate innovation front. Companies across multiple sectors have …

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8 very practical digital marketing tips for small businesses

1. Optimise your website for mobile With 80% of Internet users regularly browsing the web on a mobile device and Google’s recent decision to reduce the search engine ranking of websites that aren’t optimised for smaller screens, it’s become essential that your website is mobile friendly. You can test here if your website is considered mobile friendly by Google. We wrote a …

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How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps?

The Google Maps function, formerly known as Google Places, is now part of the Google My Business dashboard – Google’s dashboard for managing and tracking your online presence across Google’s various platforms including Google Local (Google Maps), Google+, Google Analytics and Adwords. As you’re preparing to set up your listing, just a reminder – although Google will, in some situations, display businesses from …

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