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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Strategy

Our strategies balance an optimal user experience with competitive marketing tactics to help your company succeed in the mobile app market.

How We Do It

Our strategic approach to building and marketing a mobile app focuses on user-experience, differentiating your app in a competitive marketplace, and ensuring brand objectives are met.

  • Our marketing team learns what makes your mobile app different from the competition, and we use these features to strategically market your business.
  • Our strategists help build a detailed plan that lays out the groundwork for your mobile app endeavor.
  • We equip your business with the necessary tools to keep up with the new devices, services, and platforms that are constantly evolving in the mobile industry.

Is a Mobile App the Next Step For Your Business?

Creating a mobile app strategy requires a solid understanding of what your business hopes to achieve. We analyze strengths, weaknesses, and formulate a plan for how we are going to create a successful mobile app that can be marketed to your target audience. Our strategists can determine how this platform will be integrated into your existing business practices, and if it is a new venture entirely they can lay the framework for how the mobile app will be developed from the early stages, all the way through its launch. Whether it is promoting an existing mobile app, or building a new one from scratch, our team will collaborate with you to deliver your audience with a unique experience, while still maintaining the overall goals of your brand.
Before we can develop an app, we need to have a solidified idea of how you want it to function. When working on your mobile app strategy, our experts will create a plan that not only covers the development of the app, but ongoing maintenance moving forward. We want to understand how you need your app to perform, and what experience you’re trying to provide to your users. These detailed plans lay out the wireframes of the mobile app, illustrating the user pathways that an individual will take as they navigate the platform, and many other features that contribute to a fantastic app UI. Furthermore, we want your mobile app to consistently be competitive within the market in order to stand out amongst competitors, and highlight your growing business. This requires regular updates that our developers will monitor and take care of for you.
Maintaining a cohesive brand identity across all platforms is an important part of any business venture. When creating your mobile app, you want to make sure that the overall design and app UX is consistent with all of your digital channels, and we work to preserve that uniformity. Our design team will capture the essence of your brand, and revise it to work in a mobile setting. From color and style to language and imagery, we develop an app strategy which will detail how the branding of your app will be an extension of your existing business. We want to design a mobile app that captivates your audience and presents them with a brand that is easy to recognize and engage with across multiple channels.
If your mobile app is still in its early stages, preparing any marketing strategies may seem like a distant goal. However, it is essential to plan for how the app will be introduced to the market and the media long before it actually launches. Depending on the industry, getting your mobile app recognized can be a challenging task. A critical part of our mobile strategy is when our marketing strategists analyze the competition, target relevant media placements, and encourage reviews from your users in order to keep them engaging with your brand. This allows us to create marketing campaigns and strategies that are unique to your organization, and while working to gain as much popularity and brand recognition as possible in order to pave the way for your mobile app’s success.
Mobile App Design

Stay ahead of the crowd. Our mobile apps offer an incredible user interface, are designed for maximum impact, and improve demand for your business.

Secured testing environment for your app design

For each app we design, there is an intensive mobile app UI planning process, which focuses on the needs of the user and ensures that their mobile experience will be engaging and conducive to achieving your business objectives.

Mobile App Development

Develop a mobile app to help increase the online presence of your business.

How We Do It

Develop a mobile app to help increase the online presence of your business and connect with users through a new digital platform.

Whether it is a native, hybrid, or web app we can build the right platform for your mobile endeavor.

Our app development team will create the experience you need in order to make an impact on your market.

We test and update your mobile app in order to ensure optimal functionality and reflect your growing business.

Things to Consider When Developing a Mobile App

When developing a mobile app for your business, you need to consider which operating system will be the right fit for your product. Companies are creating new mobile devices on a regular basis, making the options surrounding app development much more vast. We will help you determine which operating system is the right fit for your brand, and build an app to match your expectations. We currently work with the iOS and Android operating systems, and will develop an app that acts as an extension of your company on those platforms. Our developers will work with you to evaluate which operating system best fits the needs of your business, as well as those of your customers. Whether it is iOS, Android, or both, we can develop a mobile app that best serves both your customers and your growing brand.
Whether you want your pages to be rich with detail, or only filled with small amounts of content, our developers can build a navigation that is recognizable to users while still keeping them interested in what your platform has to offer. With familiar menus and tabs, audiences can easily make their way through your mobile app from their very first visit. If audiences find your platform difficult to manage, or they get lost within the pages of the app, there is almost no chance that they will return to it. Our developers strategically manage content so that it is presented to the user in an organized way, allowing them to naturally scroll through your mobile app without becoming overwhelmed. We can help balance the needs of both your business and your customer by organizing the information that you want to include in a format that is easy for your audience to digest. Our mobile app developers can build a unique experience that will be intuitive to new audiences, while still maintaining the interests of those who continue to return to your mobile app over time.
Something that should not be overlooked when developing your mobile app is how it will affect the battery life of your user’s device. You want your platform to be visually appealing and engaging, without utilizing unnecessary bandwidth and draining the life out of your customer’s phone or tablet. We will help find the necessary balance between images and animations to include in your mobile app, and make sure it doesn’t become overwhelming. You want to stay on brand and keep your platform recognizable to your audience without it becoming something that negatively impacts your image. Our developers are conscious of this and will work with you to create a visually appealing platform that highlights your business, without taking anything away from the usability or experience of the mobile app.
In order to keep up with competitors in the market, your mobile app will require regular updates and testing for performance. Our developers manage these platforms to ensure that they are always functioning correctly and efficiently. We value the feedback, ratings, and reviews the app receives from users, as it provides us with a gauge of what the needs of the audience may be. Working out any issues or bugs within the app is an important way to show that you are listening to your customers and striving to provide them with an optimal experience at all times. Our team regularly provides quality assurance checks to maintain your mobile app and make adjustments when necessary. From technical glitches, to updates that reflect your growing business, we are prepared to manage your mobile app long after its initial development, and help you surpass competitors within your industry.

Mobile Apps Platforms

Make sure your mobile app is competitive within the popular Apple market by creating a platform that is optimized for the iOS operating system.

By building a mobile app for Android users, your business can reach a wider audience and tap into a global market.

Mobile App Marketing

From beginning to end, we implement the necessary marketing campaigns to make your mobile app stand out amongst industry competitors.

How We Do It

With a series of creative marketing initiatives, our specialists strategically connect your brand with your audience.

Mobile app promotion begins with discovering your app’s unique value in the marketplace.

When it comes to mobile marketing, we understand the importance of a cohesive app marketing strategy.

We focus on user behavior and feedback, and allow those insights to influence each step of the mobile app marketing process.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Just as you would optimize your website for search engines, you need your mobile app to be easy for your prospective audience to find.

SEO for apps can be incredibly beneficial at helping users discover your app online. In most app stores, a top ranking is dependent on the number of daily downloads, and the ratings and reviews the app receives. We can analyze the competition within your market, and come up with a strategy to help raise the visibility for your mobile app.

By creating brand recognition in preparation of your app’s launch, and encouraging your customers to rate and review your product once it is released, we can create the necessary traction to optimize your platform for search.

Together we can execute a plan for App Store Optimization (ASO) that will tap into your mobile app’s audience, and use their input to grow your brand online.

A mobile app is an extension of your brand, and in many cases, the app is your actual product.

Therefore, marketing must begin long before the app’s official launch to the public. It needs to gain a following, and reach an audience of potential users to set it up for future success. Our Digital PR team works to focus on app branding and targeting specific media audiences to peak as much interest as possible.

We measure the importance of accessing offline publications just as aggressively as online ones, and work with media outlets that cater not only to the tech industry, but to the specific market that you want to serve. These placements build links back to your website and can increase your referral traffic, improving your rankings along the way. Our team is experienced with PR for mobile apps and takes the time to brainstorm creative angles and strategically plan what channels would best serve the demographic you are targeting. Building brand recognition is just as important as driving in traffic when it comes to your mobile app.

We work to find a way around any obstacles in order to promote your product, access the correct audience, and grow your business.

To launch a mobile app, you need a strong social media presence.

We can help you determine which social media channels are the right ones for you and your brand, and we will optimize these profiles with the right content in order for them to make an impact online. Whether starting from scratch, or taking over your existing social efforts, we will provide visitors with the information they need in order to learn more about your business and your mobile app when they engage with your social channels.

Our social media team is experienced in setting up, launching, and managing campaigns across all social platforms, so you can be sure your business has a brand voice and identity online. Through detailed content calendars, we plan and execute how you audience is presented with your app on social media.

Social media marketing for your app allows you to create a community surrounding your business, and the marketing strategies used by Blue Fountain Media will find your audience, and help it to grow.

Paid advertising for apps is a great way to increase qualified traffic to your business, while generating stronger brand awareness.

We research and strategize what keywords and demographics should be targeted, and can even customize your campaign to focus on a geographic region if needed. These advertising options have multiple specifications so that you can reach the audience that is most relevant to your business.

Whether you want a user to download your mobile app or use the platform as a vessel to your website or social media pages, we can help lead them in the right direction with compelling SEM for mobile apps.

Through a combination of design, copywriting, and strategic placement, we can tap into the market surrounding your mobile app and convert those individuals into customers.